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Veneers vs. Crowns: Which One’s Right for Me?

August 5, 2021

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Are you interested in improving the look and function of your teeth? You might have heard of veneers and crowns. They’re two popular dental restoration methods that are equally capable of achieving stunning results. Even though they can accomplish similar goals, there are some key differences you should be aware of. Understanding what they are can help you choose the best option for your smile. Read on as we discuss the unique benefits of each treatment and when they’re preferred. (more…)

Must-Know Tips for Avoiding Dental Emergencies

July 19, 2021

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Proper dental care is essential to maintain a healthy mouth and body. It helps prevent more severe health complications, such as heart disease and diabetes. If you neglect your teeth, it can easily lead to a dental emergency and leave a lasting mark on your smile. While some accidents are unavoidable, there are still several ways to lower your chances of having one. Read along for a few must-know tips to avoid dental emergencies.  (more…)

Cosmetic Dentistry – It’s Not Just for Celebrities!

June 11, 2021

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Years ago, cosmetic dentistry was something only the richest and most famous people could invest in. But now, those Hollywood smiles that seemed so far-fetched can be easily attained by everyday people! Thanks to advanced materials and techniques, cosmetic dental work is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable option for more and more people. Read along to find out how your dentist can make you feel like a star. (more…)

How Long Does Cosmetic Dentistry Last?

May 15, 2021

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Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can make the smile of your dreams a reality. It’s an investment that promises to improve oral health and give you results that last for years to come – but how many years exactly? That’s a burning question most patients have before pulling the trigger on treatment. Although it’s difficult to give a definite answer, your Los Angeles cosmetic dentist shares a general idea of how long you can expect a few popular treatments to last. (more…)

7 Traits of a Beautiful Smile

April 30, 2021

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Woman with an attractive smile after cosmetic dentistryYour teeth play a crucial role in your self-esteem. Research shows people with attractive smiles are often more confident. Not to mention, many people form their first impression upon meeting someone new based on their teeth. Not sure if your teeth are sending the right message? Here are 7 traits of a beautiful smile.

5 Ways You Can Benefit from Porcelain Veneers

January 4, 2021

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Woman smiling

If you’ve decided to improve your smile, you know there are many options available, depending on the results that you hope to achieve. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments today. If you’re not sure which treatment will be the best option for correcting your smile, keep reading to learn the benefits of getting veneers in Larchmont Village.


In-Network vs. Out-Of-Network – What Does It Mean?

October 19, 2020

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dental insuranceDental insurance can be difficult to navigate. There are several different types of benefits out there and they can become confusing because they don’t work quite like your health insurance plan  does. Do you know the difference between visiting a dentist who is in-network and one who is out-of-network? Your dentist in Larchmont Village clears it all up. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between in-network and out-of-network providers before your plan renews in January.


Want to Have a Successful Career? Start with Your Smile!

September 2, 2020

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Woman smiling at officeAre you currently looking for a new job, or simply trying to work your way up at your workplace? Even though you have all sorts of skills and experience that make you successful at what you do, having a stunning smile can impact your career for the better. It is no secret that your appearance and the way you present yourself makes a difference in the workplace, so why not use that to your advantage? Continue reading to learn more from your cosmetic dentist in Larchmont Village about how smiling and cosmetic dentistry can benefit you.


How to Prevent Painful Infections in Your Dental Implants

March 22, 2020

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older man brushing teeth preventing dental implant infectionsYou’ve finally had your missing teeth replaced with dental implants, but the job isn’t done. You now have to maintain the insertion site while the fusion process (osseointegration) takes place. It’s of the utmost importance that you control oral bacteria, which is key in preventing dental implant infections. Read on to get some simple but helpful tips so you can go on to enjoy a successful and lasting restoration!


How Do Dental Implants Affect Your Jawbone Density?

February 20, 2020

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older attractive woman curly grey hair pink shirtLife without all of your teeth can be quite challenging, but with a set of dental implants surgically inserted, you can regain the full function of your teeth and receive a confidence boost from your new smile. Before you move forward with the procedure, though, you need to know what the connection is between bone density and dental implant success in Hancock Park? Read on to get an answer you can trust from a local dentist.


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