Family Dentist – Larchmont Village, CA

Excellent Care for All of Your Loved Ones

You do your best to make sure that your loved ones have safe housing, great education, and healthy food – but what about their dental care? At Geller Dentistry, our team loves welcoming patients of all ages. We offer a comprehensive list of services so that virtually all the care everyone needs can be provided right here at our convenient Los Angeles location. As a dedicated family dentist, one-half of an excellent husband and wife dental team, and a happy mother of two, Dr. Gloria Garcia-Geller can’t wait to help you and your children build revitalizing oral health habits that last a lifetime.

Why Choose Geller Dentistry for Family Dentistry?

  • Children as Young as Two Years Old Welcome
  • High-Quality Comprehensive Care
  • Husband-and-Wife Team Who Provide Personalized Treatments

Why Should You Choose to Visit a Family Dentist?

While you could take your children to a separate dentist, there are several advantages to having a single dental practice for all of your loved ones:

  • With a family dentist, you can schedule an appointment for everyone on the same day, meaning less driving and less hassle from trying to fit dental visits into your schedule.
  • Family dentists tend to offer a wider range of services to meet the needs of all of their patients regardless of age.
  • A family dentist will be able to accommodate your child’s needs throughout the different stages of their development and well into their adulthood.
  • Having a dentist that’s familiar with your entire family’s oral health history can go a long way toward improving the quality of your care and helping you avoid specific issues.
  • When a dental emergency strikes, it helps to have a dentist that you can rely on to treat any member of your family.