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Emergency Dentistry – Larchmont Village, CA

Same-Day Care for Fast Pain Relief

emergency dentistThe very nature of an emergency is that it happens suddenly and often at the most unexpected and inconvenient of times; dental emergencies are no exception to this. During this trying time, what you need most is a trusted dental team who can provide the much-needed relief and skilled, personalized care you deserve. If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call Geller Dentistry in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Benjamin Geller, Dr. Gloria Garcia-Geller, and the rest of our staff members are dedicated to putting patients first. So, whether you’re dealing with a persistent toothache or a tooth that’s completely fallen out, we’re here to help. We can provide valuable guidance on the phone for how best to handle your incident, and in most cases, we’re able to see emergency patients the very same day as their first call.

Some dental emergencies are relatively obvious, but others may fall into a gray area where you’re not sure if you should reach out for immediate help or not. Here are some of the oral and dental health problems that we consider urgent and can address at our Los Angeles practice:

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Are you or a loved one experiencing a dental emergency? Don't wait - contact Geller Dentistry in the historic Larchmont Village and Hancock Park as soon as possible to receive instructions and schedule an appointment. We’re committed to providing families and patients of all ages with dental care that’s as comprehensive, comfortable, and personalized as possible. We can’t wait to give you a reason to smile!

Dental Emergency FAQs

Pained woman asking her Larchmont Village emergency dentist questions

Try as we might, there are a wide variety of factors that can damage our smiles. That’s why it’s a good idea to have as many answers ahead of time as possible. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions your Larchmont Village emergency dentist gets about urgent dental care. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for below, don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll be happy to help.

When Should I See an Emergency Dentist for My Toothache?

Any dental discomfort or tooth pain should be looked at by your dentist in a timely manner. However, a toothache can sometimes be a warning sign of a much larger issue that needs immediate care. You should call your emergency dentist right away if your toothache is accompanied by:

Should I Still Call My Emergency Dentist If My Tooth Stops Hurting?

If you have a painful tooth that suddenly stops hurting, that doesn’t mean your problem has gone away. Unlike the rest of your body, your teeth can’t heal themselves. If your tooth abruptly becomes numb after hurting, the nerve inside of it may be damaged or infected. You need to see your emergency dentist right away to identify the issue and prevent it from spreading to the rest of your teeth.

Should I Call an Emergency Dentist If My Child Unexpectedly Knocks Out a Baby Tooth?

Even though your child’s baby teeth will eventually fall out on their own, you should call your dentist if one is suddenly knocked out. If the tooth isn’t broken or it was close to coming out on its own, we may not have to do anything. However, if it was knocked out prematurely, we may place a space saver to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap and trapping the permanent tooth underneath.

I’m Not Sure If I Have a Dental Emergency—What Should I Do?

Not all dental emergencies are as easy to identify as a broken or knocked-out tooth. Any time you find yourself with new, worrisome, or uncomfortable dental symptoms, give us a call right away. We can help you assess your situation over the phone and help you determine the urgency of your circumstances. After scheduling your appointment accordingly, we’ll give you personalized first aid advice to help relieve your pain and manage your symptoms until you can reach our office.

When Should I Go to the ER Instead of my Emergency Dentist?

For nearly every dental emergency, you’ll save time, money, and discomfort by calling your emergency dentist before going to your local ER. However, some problems that are severe or life-threatening should be stabilized at the emergency room first, and we’ll be happy to help you restore your smile after. Issues that should be addressed by the ER include:

If you or a loved one is experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We’ll always do our best to provide same day care for fast pain relief when you need it most!

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