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Preventive Dentistry in Larchmont Village

Dental exams by Larchmont dentist, Dr. GellerWhen it comes to maintaining your ideal smile for life, prevention is key. After all, treating problems when they’re still small is much easier than undergoing in-depth restorative or reconstructive care later. At Geller Dentistry, we’re here to help however we can with this important goal. Drs. Benjamin Geller and Gloria Garcia-Geller offer regular dental check-ups, teeth cleanings, and other quality services designed to protect your oral health and leave you feeling more confident than ever about your smile.

Dental Check-ups & Teeth Cleanings

Our Larchmont Village dental office strongly recommends that patients of all ages attend an in-depth evaluation and hygiene appointment once every six months or twice a year. Many dental problems can develop slowly in ways that untrained eyes won’t notice. By allowing our team to closely inspect your teeth, gums, bite, and other aspects of your oral health, we can discover potential problems at the earliest stages and provide effective treatment as quickly as possible. Additionally, a professional teeth cleaning will get rid of any persistent plaque or tartar that’s formed on your enamel, refreshing your smile.

Nightguards (Occlusal Splint)

Do you suffer from bruxism (also known as teeth grinding)? Stress typically causes this common habit, and because most patients experience it while asleep, it can be difficult to conquer on your own. Thankfully, our team offers a solution. With a comfortable, customized nightguard (occlusal splint), patients can protect their teeth from damage, allowing them to get a worry-free night of rest at last. If you’re suffering from morning headaches, jaw pain, or teeth that appear worn down, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can determine if a nightguard is right for you.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is a deadly disease, and one that affects tens of thousands Americans every year. In fact, 50 percent of patients don't live beyond five years of their original diagnosis. At Geller Dentistry, our dental team is doing everything we can to increase that number of survival years. The positive side of oral cancer is that it has a high rate of successful treatment if caught early enough, which is why we make oral cancer screenings a regular part of checkups for adults. By scanning your mouth for signs of cancerous cells, we can clearly identify suspicious areas and, if necessary, get you the concrete diagnosis and further treatment you need.

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Here in Los Angeles, we’re proud to offer personalized care, exceptionally high standards, and true dedication to always putting our patients first. Contact Geller Dentistry today if you have any questions about our preventive care, or if you’re ready to schedule appointments for you and all your loved ones. We’re located in the heart of the historic Larchmont Village, and patients from all over Los Angeles and beyond are welcome!

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