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Cosmetic Dentist in Larchmont Village & Hancock Park

Even smiles that are healthy don’t always look that way. Over time, dental stains, chips, cracks, and other visual flaws can form, making it more and more difficult for patients to experience the level of self-confidence they deserve. In Los Angeles, Dr. Benjamin Geller and Dr. Gloria Garcia-Geller always take aesthetic quality into account when improving oral health and happiness. If you’re interested in achieving an improved smile, we offer several cosmetic dentistry services designed to improve the look of your teeth and leave you with the truly dazzling appearance you’ve been dreaming of.

Smile Makeovers

At Geller Dentistry, we want to help our patients achieve their ideal smile – but selecting treatments can be difficult for people with a limited budget and schedule. Let us help you craft a plan that’s perfect for you! With a personalized smile makeover, patients can receive the high-quality treatment they deserve in a way that fits their life perfectly.

When pursuing a smile makeover, patients will first need to undergo a thorough examination, so that we can determine their level of oral health and clearly identify flaws that need addressing. Then, we’ll sit down with you to discuss our findings and the treatment options we recommend depending on your unique information. For instance, broken or damaged teeth might benefit most from the placement of a gorgeous, tooth-colored crown. Then, we can work on creating a schedule for your treatment that groups procedures into as few appointments as possible, saving you valuable time. With a smile makeover, patients don’t have to worry about surprises – all they have to do is look forward to exceptional results.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

In the past, fillings were typically crafted from amalgam material and had a silver appearance that stood out dramatically against the natural white color of a patient’s smile. So, although patients could have their cavities effectively treated, they often had to sacrifice their natural look in the process. Today, we’re happy to offer a much more pleasing alternative: tooth-colored fillings. Made from high-quality composite resin, these fillings are precisely shaded so that they are virtually invisible when placed and sculpted into your smile. Better yet, they’re a much more conservative treatment option that’s less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures when compared to traditional fillings.

Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes, cosmetic issues can pile up on a person’s smile, requiring several lengthy and expensive procedures to correct them all. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have a do-over instead? Porcelain veneers are the ideal solution for patients who’ve asked themselves this question. They can be used to hide certain teeth or even your entire smile under a brand-new, polished look. We work with our on-site lab so that any cracks, chips, gaps, and other issues are seamlessly hidden. We can even design your new  porcelain veneers to match any unique desires you have for the shape, size, or length of certain teeth.

Once your veneers are completed, we’ll take special care to ensure that their fit is secure and comfortable for your smile. A small amount of natural tooth enamel will need to be removed in order to accommodate their placement, which is why patients should consider the permanence of this procedure before choosing it as their cosmetic solution.

All-Ceramic Restorations

Patients shouldn't have to choose between enjoying an optimally healthy smile and a smile that is visually pleasing. That’s why our team at Geller Dentistry specializes in the creation of high-quality, tooth-colored crowns, inlays, and onlays. These restorations can be shaded to closely match the color of your natural teeth, allowing them to blend seamlessly while still providing the structure and vitality you need. When it comes to our valued patients, we love exceeding expectations!

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Do you wish you could achieve a brighter smile? Our customized at-home kits can create significant changes in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is wear the oral tray and high-grade bleaching gel together for a predetermined amount of time each day – the treatment can adhere to your schedule instead of the other way around. Some patients notice improvement after only a couple of applications, with the most noticeable transformations occurring after a couple of weeks of diligent use.

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