Six-month Check-ups with Dentist in Larchmont Village

August 30, 2016

Keep smiles and bright and healthy with six-month exams and cleanings with your dentist in Larchmont Village, Dr. Benjamin Geller. Read why they’re so important.The six-month exam and hygienic cleaning is the mainstay of preventive dentistry. Your dentist in Larchmont Village checks several aspects of oral health, cleans teeth and gums and formulates treatment plans to keep smiles attractive and strong.

Create a dream smile with Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry

May 18, 2016

Stop feeling funny when you show your teeth. Get the smile you want with a cosmetic dentistry makeover at Geller Dentistry in Los Angeles.While you’d never neglect your oral health, what about how your teeth look? A great smile makes a great impression that lasts. Make your smile match who you really are with Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry from Drs. Gloria and Benjamin Geller, partners in tooth replacement and refurbishment. (more…)