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Tooth Colored Fillings in Larchmont Village & Hancock Park

Geller Dentistry strives to provide exceptional dental care for your comfort while creating beautiful smiles. As part of our effort to give you an amazing smile, we offer tooth colored fillings to restore the appearance of your tooth without the use of noticeable metal fillings. Composite fillings will match the color of your enamel for a seamless repair that will improve the function and appearance of your tooth.

Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Fillings that match the color of your enamel are made from a durable composite resin that can be used for a diversity of cosmetic and restorative procedures. When used to repair small to moderate-sized areas, the material is resistant to fractures, allowing it to withstand the everyday wear of chewing and biting. Since the material will match the color of your enamel, it can be applied to both the front and back teeth to create a natural-looking repair.

Unlike amalgam fillings, the composite fillings are less noticeable. However, they do tend to need to be repaired more often than metal fillings, which is why we will check them for any signs of damage at each appointment. Nonetheless, a natural-colored filling will last for years with the proper oral hygiene care.

Fillings are commonly used to fill cavities, but with the natural appearance of the composite material, they can also be used to seamlessly fill cracks and chips without the unsightly appearance of metal. No matter your need, Geller Dentistry offers the natural-looking fillings you need to stop additional damage to your tooth while enhancing the function and appearance.

Restorative Process for Composite Fillings

When choosing the composite material, the treatment process will vary from that of fillings made from metal. The area to be repaired will first be prepared, such as by removing tooth decay. Then, the tooth will be cleaned and dried to allow the material to be applied in layers. A special light is then used to harden the layers for a strong, durable bond. Finally, we will smooth the area to ensure comfort and function. For the most beautiful smile possible, we will polish the tooth for a glorious shine.

While the fillings do tend to cost more than metal, many insurances now cover the cost of the repair. With the proper care, your filling will last for years. In addition to brushing and flossing, you’ll also need to be careful about the foods and beverages you consume because some can stain the filling overtime. Dark teas, coffee, and other known staining foods will stain the filling just as they stain your natural enamel, so it’s best to consume in moderation.

After you’ve had a filling, you will have the beautiful smile you’ve wanted while protecting the tooth from additional damage. At your regular checkup and cleaning appointments, we will evaluate the filling to ensure it hasn’t become damaged. Should damage occur, we can quickly repair the damage to restore the function of the filling.

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